It’s me! Ma! Now Inspire Ma…


A great big hello to you! I am very excited to make this introduction and begin a wonderful relationship with readers who have similar interests as I do. For many years, 15 to be exact, I worked in New York City in the publishing industry. I always loved magazines, images and color… and still do.

Within the last 5 years, I have had a son and two daughters. Oh my, do I enjoy shopping for their clothes and dressing them up! I love everything that has anything to do with my children. They probably inspire me the most. I still daydream about interior design, gardens, fashion, books and travel. Whenever I start thinking about these things, I turn to the Internet. I check out Pinterest, blogs, Wikipedia and I love to google! I seem to suddenly become a researcher and I love it. This has all brought me to this blog. Why not share my thoughts and inspirations with other people with similar lifestyles and likes as myself. I’m busy with the children and the home yet I still have a love for design, art, travel, etc. Posts will be kept short because I know how it is to quickly fit in a little inspiration between a diaper change and a bottle. I want to share with you what still inspires me. What still inspires Ma.

Let me know what inspires you at…

Thank you!


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